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How to Find and Use Coupon

There are many coupons available at our site, some are general coupon with discount, some are free gift + discount coupon, some are for all users, some are for users from specific countries. Such as we had an anti-cold bands for Canada and Germany shooters when it's extreme in January 2016. Just explore the whole site and find them.

There are two types of coupon. One is coupon of discount , the other is coupon of free gift. When free gift coupon is used, there will be a small discount too. And the free gift item will Not show up on the order. Our shipping staff recognizes the free gift coupon on the order and add the gift into the mail shipped to customers

How to use coupon
Coupon code can be added in the process of checkout. Please remove the coupon if you want to finish the payment in the future. As coupon code has the maximum number of Uses. By clicking 'Remove' , you can reduce the times the coupon's used. See how to do it shown in below images.

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