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1632 tubing may be the ever most controversial slingshot tubing.

There have been lots of different opinions in the days when it was designing, making and launching in the market.

"It's weak and useless" "It's breakable" "It's versatile" ....

But after launched, one fact is that 1632 tube now is one of hottest selling tubing.

This discussion and award is set for an insightful view of 1632 tubings.


hi everyone, sorry ive been abit quiet of late. lots of things going on at the moment regarding both slingshot shooting and also upcoming competitions!
first and foremost myself and other B.C.A ( british catapult association )founders are delighted that dankung have sponsored our organisation.
this is a big step forward in progressing the sport and i hope will benefit everyone who enjoys slingshots!

BCA slingshot tournement Birmingham

Hi everyone,
Just got back from the BCA slingshot championships on Saturday the 4th of July.
What a fantastic event with a very high standard of shooting, the course was very difficult and a lot of top shooters competing.
I'm pleased to say that using dankung tubing I came 1st in the 20m and 3rd overall so im very happy with the result.
Big thanks to DANKUNG for the tubing and I'm looking forward to the next competetion :)

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