Videos showing how to do one-hand fast loading ammo

The general method of one-hand fast loading ammo is as below.

Doing the shooting while holding a couple steelballs in the hand and load the ammo the way using the thehumb/index fingers to
align the steelball. After much practice, you can comfortably hold 8 steelballs and load very fast without dropping any.

Comfortable and firm--15 photos show how to wrap the slingshot with tubing

Tubing wrapping produces very comfortable and firm grip for fast, continuously shooting, this is why many skillful Dankung shooters choose tubing for wrapping the slingshot.
But how to make a decent tubing wrapping may be not so easy as wrap with paracord.
Here is a illustration.

New product and christen contest of 10 dollars

A new dankung slingshot is available.

A very cool and functional model. We don't have good name for it yet.

The 'Christen new slingshot and get 10 dollars Coupon ' can find all the contest details below.

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A social commercial website of sports under construction

A big update of on Feb 13, 2015
Dear shooters and outdoor sports enthusiast,
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2: All new products and contents, coupons etc will be published on
No new product or content will be added on is still a store to buy existing products.
So it’s recommended you register at (We tried to migrate data from to , but the technique team found it’s almost impossible and has big data-lost risk)

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