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Hidden Budget high quality brands of fishing tackles

Hi, friends, I am from Korea. I work for an IT company. I love fishing very much. I often have the business trip to Japan, China, UK, USA. One thing I must do is to visit the local fishing marketplace each time when I arrive in new city, My hobby plus my career enable me have a general clear view on fishing tackle brands in Western countries,and Eastern countries. I'd like share my findings with you.

First of all, is the 'hidden' high quality fishing tackles. By 'hidden', I mean they are not so popular among anglers. They are made by big factories in India, China and have comparable quality to big brands. But the price is much favorable. Most of them are already buyable in Western countries. So I'd list them below and links to USA Web store.

Piscifun was founded by fishing experts in USA and China together who are dedicated to manufacturing and designing high quality, affordable fishing products.


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