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1: This is the place for listing slingshots for sale and listing the public coupon.
2: All promotions based on order is displayed on shopping cart page (, such as the notice of get free slingshot for order total greater than 60 dollars.
3: Other sale. Tactical Flashlight for Sale

Sales running

Cougar , Toucan ,Panther 15 dollars OFF, Expires on Feb 25.

List price: $41.92
Price: $26.42
You save: $15.50
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List price: $39.92
Price: $24.42
You save: $15.50
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List price: $40.92
Price: $25.42
You save: $15.50
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'King of Aiming' is best aiming slingshot and best seller of fixed tube slingshot. As requested by many shooters, we make it 11.1 dollars off.
4 days Sale expires on Feb. 24, 2017


Sales have ended

Coupon, 10% off. Coupon code is 2017DK

Group Deal. 18.8 Dollars Buy This Model

Price: $25.92
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Add one flashlight to shopping cart, Get order total 10% off
Say your shopping cart total is 38 dollars, then you add a 8 dollars flashlight into shopping cart. Then the shopping cart total is 38+8-4.6= 41.4 dollars.
Tactical flashlight (accessories not apply)

December 10 to December 19

New products and sales November 8

Directly procured from maker factory, high quality China branded earhones at DANKUNG are much cheaper!

As days grow shorter,you need a solution for hunting & shooting in dark area.

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Sun, 11/13/2016 - 07:47

As an avid collector, I just could not resist ordering the Butterfly Mini Sling.
Like it's big brother (the Butterfly), the flaring "earlobe" is it's most distinguishing feature..
It is more pronounced on the Mini in order to provide additional thumb support given its reduced size, overall width of 95 mm. (83 length).
A comfortable and safe shoot despite it's diminutive siz,e, even in full butterfly mode.
Mine was beautifully wrapped (two toned, red and black)., and came banded with 1632 looped tubes that I could actually use with ease (another first).
Well done DK!


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