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Big Deals of Branded Headphones

With the right pair of headphones, you can experience music on a whole new level. Choose a pair of good headphones is very important and much knowledge needed.
First, Decide between earbuds or headphones.
Earbuds and in-ear headphones are tiny earpieces that go inside your ears.
Ear pad headphones were much more popular before the advent of the iPod, but they still have some good qualities that make them worthy of consideration.

And You have to evaluate the headphones' sound isolation.
Then, Investigate the frequency range. And you have to decide between noise cancelling and noise isolation. Noise cancelling headphones sample the noise around you and play an inverted version of that sound in your ears, cancelling out the noise around you. Often confused with noise cancelling headphones, noise isolation headphones block outside noise by creating a physical seal in or around your ears to keep music in and ambient noise out. The impedance of the headphones is also an important factor.

Finding good headphones is not easy. Fortunately there is special team do it for you.

Below is list of big deals of branded headphones explored by our headphones guys throughout Internet.


QCY is budget earphone brand with high reputation. There are a ton of product review videos of QCY at Youtube.

QCY Deals Hand-picked.



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